Program Description

The Association of Education Researchers & Trainers (ASSERT), Inc., in partnership with Pisara Technologies & Solutions, Inc., Mapúa University – School of Social Science and Education (SSSE), and Santa Isabel College Manila, is pleased to announce its upcoming 3rd Annual National Convention on Outcome-Based Education. The theme of the three-day convention is “OBE in the 4th Industrial Revolution (OBE in the 4th IR)”. It will be held at the Santa Isabel College, Manila.

Program Objectives

The convention aims to describe how the 4th Industrial Revolution has created an impact on the outcomes of education in various disciplines.
After the convention, the participants are expected to:
1. identify the factors that impact outcomes of education and explain how they play an important role in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution; and
2. demonstrate understanding of the roles of technological changes and scientific advances on the various concepts of educational innovations and analyse them in the parlance of societal and environment development and cultural integration.

Program of Activities